Monday, 25 January 2010

State of the data centre

A couple of weeks ago Symantec published a report called 2010 State of the Data Centre.  It’s based on telephone interviews with 1780 respondents from all company sizes in 26 countries.  The full report is here.

There are limited references to green, environment or sustainability and in fact ‘Green IT efforts’ ranks tenth out of twelve key objectives in 2010.  But then that’s not really surprising.  In the current climate, saving money is a key objective, rather than the more nebulous idea (at least to many data centre managers) of green IT. 

In an economic downturn, reducing costs, with power consumption a prime target, is a the big issue and that certainly is a focus – it’s a key objective in 2010 by some margin.  A total of 54% of respondents said it was an absolutely important target.


However, the following chart substantiates the view that operational security overrides most other considerations, taking the top three places in terms of the importance of new initiatives in 2010.

Almost 70% of respondents pointed to energy savings as an absolute or somewhat important area for new initiatives, with similar figures for various activities that help achieve it; server virtualisation, server consolidation, storage virtualisation and data centre consolidation.


The detailed breakdown seems to be confined to IT infrastructure initiatives, so there’s no reference to the cooling systems, data centre layout or building efficiency.  It will come.

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