Wednesday, 17 February 2010

CO2 Benchmarking adds business intelligence

A couple of interesting online resources became available this week.  One was a green IT tool from CO2 Benchmark, a company I met at the Carbon Show last year.  It sells a database of information on corporate emissions, including emissions management projects and achievements, which can be used to benchmark companies and projects. 

Last week the company went live with Carbon Screener, a business intelligence platform for the extraction of data from its 3,000-company emissions data set.  It allows users to slice and dice the knowledge base to create dashboards, generate sector benchmarks and produce custom reports.


This looks like a comprehensive tool accessing a database that the company said, when I met them last year, held more information than the CDP.  It certainly now seems to be more useable than the CDP data.

I can’t help wondering, though, where the market is.  This sort of benchmarking would be great if tacked on to the end of a Carbon Emissions Management Solution (CEMS) product.  Indeed, many CEMS suppliers talk of the ability to benchmark, using the generic data from their existing online users, which may be all that’s really needed.  CO2 Benchmark’s best opportunity might be to join forces with a CEMS player.

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