Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Free e-waste regulation database from Redemtech

Following on from my last post, the second useful green IT tool I noticed is an e-waste regulation database from Redemtech.  It’s designed to help companies navigate the growing (and ever-changing) maze of e-waste and data security regulations around the world (for which read North America and EMEA).

The data, which is available here, provides an overview of both current and pending regulations that could have an impact on managing and disposing of electronic equipment.  It doesn’t give comprehensive compliance details, but does give a good indication of which legislation needs to be complied with .

The E-Waste and Data Security categories are broken down into geographic regions, including US Federal and State, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  The data can also be downloaded as PDF files, although you need to go through a registration process to get them.  Since this sort of data goes out of date pretty quickly it might be best to use the online version (assuming it’s going to be updated).  In fact Redemtech also has a free news service covering various compliance, e-waste and CSR-related topics, so maybe any updates will be there.

Looks like a good initial starting point if you want to know what e-waste compliance issues you might encounter.

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