Thursday, 25 February 2010

ICT for Energy Efficiency Forum launched

We reported almost a year ago on the EU’s developing Green ICT plan, inspired by the Smart 2020 report.  It resulted in a paper entitled ‘Commission Recommendations on mobilising Information and Communications Technologies to facilitate the transition
to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy’ (not quite as catchy as Smart 2020, but still).  The recommendations were published last October (see here).

Anyway, along the way there have been a couple of events under the banner of ICT for Energy Efficiency (ICT4EE).  At the last of these, which was in Brussels earlier this week, the ICT4EE Forum was launched.

The main aim of the ICT4EE Forum is to link digital technology more closely to EU climate and energy policy and economic development. The stated objectives are:

• To demonstrate the commitment and leadership of the ICT sector to work in partnership to deliver energy efficient ICT solutions in other sectors of the European economy and to manage the energy efficiency of its own processes through delivery of its Roadmap.

• To help ensure a coordinated approach from the ICT sector in Europe to EU policy recommendations on ICT4EE and climate and energy efficiency policies more broadly

• To help ensure informed and coordinated policy making in the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States on the ICT for energy efficiency agenda.

The founding members of the forum, which will be officially endorsed by the European Commission, are four industry bodies; DigitalEurope, Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), Japan Business Council Europe (JBCE) and TechAmerica Europe, but a range of other companies and organisations will be invited to join.

It may sound like just another gathering of ICT interest to promote green action, but if it fulfils its demanding remit the forum could have a decisive role in Europe.  Reflecting its Smart 2020 roots, it’s looking at the wider opportunities for ICT to help reduce emissions.  But it also anticipates ensuring that it has input to green policy making where ICT can make a difference, both at the EU and country levels.  Ambitious, but needed.

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