Monday, 1 February 2010

SAP’s green achievements

SAP Last week SAP announced its preliminary report of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for 2009, which showed a 16% decrease from 2008 to 425 kilotons, worth around €90m. This is well ahead of the company’s target for 2009, which it admitted was helped by the global economic slowdown. 

Last year SAP announced a commitment to reduce its total GHG emissions back to the levels of 2000 by 2020, effectively halving its year-2007 peak levels of 540,000t CO2.

SAP used its own carbon emissions software - Carbon Impact – to help it report its carbon footprint a lot earlier in the year than previously.  Full details of the reduction will be in the SAP 2009 Sustainability Report to be issued in the spring.  One thing the company did say, though, is that the emissions decrease was achieved without the using offsets, which is to be applauded.

SAP also put out a press release about the fact that it was named as one of the Top 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.  This is an annual list produced by Corporate Knights, ‘the magazine for clean capitalism’.  It’s a wide ranging assessment looking at energy, carbon, water, waste, leadership diversity, pay comparisons, tax paid, sustainable leadership, etc.  Full details of the list and how it’s produced are here.

Anyway, SAP comes in at number 79, but is beaten by quite a few other ICT players; Nokia (5), Siemens (6), Vodafone (8), BT (35), Agilent (36), Intel (37), Swisscom (43), Capita (54) and Trend Micro (75).

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