Monday, 22 March 2010

AT&T launches zero charger – could save $12bn of electricity a year

AT&T AT&T and Superior Communications have announced the AT&T ZERO charger, which doesn’t waste power when left plugged in and improves charging efficiency when powering a device.

10-03-22 AT&T zero watt charger V2The ZERO charger works by cutting the power supply from the wall socket when it detects that charger is not plugged into a mobile phone. The ‘block and cable’ design also enables increased interchangeability, which means that the same charger can be used for future handsets, cutting the number of chargers produced and reducing landfill waste.

The charger will be on sale in May and cost the same as existing replacement chargers.  It also has a 5-star efficiency rating, which exceeds the standards set by GSMA.

It looks like an interesting little device and some of the details on charger energy use that AT&T has been using show the benefit.

According to the US Department of Energy, the total amount of electricity that flows through internal and external power adapters in the US is nearly 470 billion kWh per year or about 12% of the nation's annual electricity consumption.  The adapters themselves consume about 120 billion kWh per year of electricity, costing over $12 billion in electric bills. 

The wasted electricity each day from chargers left plugged into a wall in the US is enough to power 24,000 homes for a year, or brew three to four million cups of coffee each day.

So if you’re talking about green ICT in terms of reducing the power that ICT consumes, the charger is a good place to start.

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