Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fujitsu achieves Carbon Trust Standard

Fujitsu Fujitsu UK and Ireland has achieved the ‘Carbon Trust Standard’ for reducing its carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit company set up by the UK Government to take the lead in helping businesses and the public sector cut carbon emissions and save energy. 

The Carbon Trust Standard was launched in June 2008.  The award to Fujitsu was in recognition of a ‘robust and transparent’ process for measuring emissions and clear progress in reducing its carbon footprint.  The emissions reduction was 1.7%. 

In achieving the standard Fujitsu joins household names in the UK such as First Direct, Tesco and O2, and public sector organisations such as HM Treasury, London Fire Brigade and Manchester University.


I know what you’re thinking – 1.7% doesn’t sound like much (although it does represent 1,483.7 tonnes of carbon), but that’s not the whole story. The Carbon Trust Standard is strict in requiring organisations to measure, manage and reduce their carbon footprint and make real reductions year-on-year.  So the quoted reduction only relates to what was achieved as the result of the company’s own actions – on a like-for-like basis for example. 

In particular it’s only internal actions that count, not offsets, which continue to be a bone of contention in carbon reduction.  (Interestingly, the UK government itself has a target of making its ICT carbon neutral by 2012, something which is unlikely to be achieved without purchasing offsets).

So the Carbon Trust Standard is as much about transparency, independent certification and real emissions reductions.  It puts a very visible peg in the ground against which future actions will be measured, which is something Fujitsu will have to live up to.

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