Monday, 22 March 2010

Green IT Awareness Week web site launched

A web site dedicated to International Green IT Awareness Week was launched today.  Green IT Awareness Week will run from 1-7 June 2010 and is described as a collaborative initiative consisting of in-person and online seminars and activities across the globe.  It’s hosted by Australian not-for-profit organisation

Bianca Wirth, CEO of, said that organisations were missing a centralised, cohesive initiative which will enable them to both understand the benefits, challenges and cultural changes required for green IT, and appreciate the current research enabling them to plan for the future.  “Now, through International Green IT Awareness Week everyone can learn about practical implementation of environmentally sustainable IT practices they can undertake today.  International Green IT Awareness Week will feature expert researchers, green IT specialists, IT vendors and manufacturers, and organisations who have already successfully implemented their own green IT initiatives in a single intensive week,” she added.

It sounds like a great initiative and joins another online conference on next week - Sustainability Virtual Summits – Smart ICT.  My only reservation is that the event was described as ‘Australia’s’ inaugural International Green IT Awareness Week and the press release featured an Australian politician.  Sounds more local than global.

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