Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The GreenRoad to success

It’s good to report on successful small technology companies in the green space and one of those seems to be GreenRoad.

The company has a solution called GreenRoad 360, which basically monitors vehicle and driver performance.  The company’s technology measures 120 separate live driving events in five categories: speed handling, cornering, land handling, braking and acceleration. The data provides the driver with immediate feedback and is also transmitted back to the GreenRoad servers, where a web site provides real-time reports and analysis.  Managers and drivers can use the information to assess how they are driving, how driving habits can be improved and to analyse risk.

It looks to be primarily aimed at fleet owners, helping improve driving behaviour, reduce crashes and reduce operating costs, but clearly it has a significant role in increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions. 



The company’s green credentials are evident from the fact that it is backed by Virgin Green Fund and a couple of weeks ago Al Gore’s Generation Investment management LLP put $10m into the company to support further expansion.

Last November the company was recognised as one of the top 30 fastest-growing cleantech businesses in Europe at the inaugural GP Bullhound Cleantech Connect event.  It was also chosen to receive an additional award for Vision and Future Growth Potential. 

Clearly green ICT investment can bring significant rewards.

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