Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Vodafone heads ICT sustainability league table

Sustainability consultancy Two Tomorrows has a tool called Tomorrow’s Value Rating that rates companies on how well they manage social and environmental issues.  The methodology focuses on five areas; strategy, governance, engagement, value chain and innovation.  The company regularly publishes information on the largest companies in different industry sectors.  The latest is in the ICT sector. 

Vodafone is top of the list, with an overall score of 60%, which Two Tomorrows attributes to its ‘strong, all-round sustainability leadership’.  Thomas Krick, global manager of the Tomorrow’s Value programme, commented that: “Vodafone has implemented comprehensive governance mechanisms for sustainability issues. It listens and responds to stakeholders both locally and globally, and has a strong track record of developing services that help improve the lives of disadvantaged people and remote communities.”

Vodafone is followed closely by Nokia and HP, with Sony, AT&T and Verizon trailing at the foot of the table – Verizon scoring just 23%.



A detailed overall assessment of the companies is here, but Two Tomorrows concludes that the sustainability leaders in ICT are developing products and services to support the response to climate change and ICT companies as a whole are showing sustainability leadership.  Nevertheless, there is considerable room for the sector to improve its management of its direct environmental impacts.

The analysis is worth reading, but I thought the press release was spot on with a couple of quotes.  Thomas Krick went on to say: “The results of the Rating reflect a broader trend of ICT companies showing sustainability leadership. They are increasingly recognising the commercial opportunity that lies in helping other sectors to reduce their carbon footprint ….  Companies in the sector are also working together, especially in trying to address social and environmental challenges in their supply chains, and in regard to electronic waste management.”

However, Jason Perks, group director at Two Tomorrows, added: “While the sector continues to push best practice in sustainability innovation, the management of its direct environmental impacts often offers room for improvement. For example, while most companies have set CO2 emissions targets, the majority struggle to achieve significant reductions.

Together I think the two comments are a pretty good summary of the where the industry is in terms of green ICT.

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