Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Australian PM looks for energy efficiency ideas.

image Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who’s government has been struggling to pass a cap-and-trade climate bill this year, has established a Task Group on Energy Efficiency to advise the Government on options to improve Australia’s energy efficiency by 2020.

The Task Force is looking for ideas via a consultation process.  There’s an Issues Paper that highlights some key topics they would like covered, but it seems that any comments would be gratefully received.  


It’s a big question and hopefully the government has some views of its own (else what are government’s for?) but based on experience in the UK I would suggest that those concerned with the ICT industry make their voices heard.

There’s a danger that the ICT sector is seen primarily as part of the problem (a polluter) rather than an essential part of the solution.  That’s what’s happening with the Carbon Reduction Commitment cap-and-trade legislation just introduced in the UK.  Companies who are included primarily because of their data centre operations will lose most financially and are also likely to get a bad reputation through the legislation’s published league table.  (The UK’s CRC gets a mention in the Issues paper for the Australian consultation process).

So my advice would be to highlight the energy efficiencies that can only be achieved through the use of ICT, e.g. dematerialisation, smart grids, intelligent buildings, more efficient logistics, etc.

The deadline for comments is May 3rd. If you don’t have time, then point them to this web site – I guess I’m included in the ‘diverse range of people and organisations, including local and international researchers’ that they want to hear from.

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