Monday, 19 April 2010

Fujitsu announces the next stage of its Group Environmental Protection Programme

Fujitsu Fujitsu has announced Stage 6 of its Group Environmental Protection Program (who knew there were stages 1-5?) which sets new goals for its financial years from April 2010 through to March 2013.  It’s all part of the company’s longer term Green Policy 2020, which began in 2008 and set goals under the three themes of benefiting customers and society, pursuing internal reforms, and preserving biodiversity.

The new program sets specific goals in 18 areas.  This is pretty detailed stuff - full coverage is here – but among the targets are the following (although there are more):

• By the end of FY2012 more than 35% of all technology developed will be solutions for reducing the burden on the environment.

• Over the FY2009–12 period the company will provide green ICT that will reduce cumulative CO2 emissions by 15 million tons.

• ‘Super Green’ products that contribute to reduced environmental footprints through low energy and resource demands must comprise 30% of all green products by end of FY2012.

• The environmental efficiency of newly developed green products must be raised to 2.5 times the FY2008 value by end of FY2012.

• The company will sustain a 90% resource reuse rate of business ICT equipment globally.

• The company will promote the development and provision of environmental solutions in all sectors and in major regions, including Japan, Europe, Americas and Asia/Pacific.

• Total greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing globally will be reduced to 6% below FY1990 levels by end of FY2012.

• Renewable energy sources will be increased to 3 times FY2007 levels by end of FY2012.

• CO2 emissions from domestic transport will be reduced to 11% below FY2008 levels by end of FY2012.

• The company will promote procurement from business partners that limit or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Waste generation will be reduced to 20% below FY2007 levels by end of FY2012.


At first site it looks like a long list of disparate goals, but it seems that it has all been planned out to achieve the 2020 objectives.  In fact it’s this attention to detail that’s also reflected in some of the company’s green offerings, where Fujitsu has tried to quantify the savings that customers can make in their own organisations from both products and services.

Fujitsu has certainly benefitted from its Japanese heritage in the rigour that it has brought to bear on addressing green issues.  The impression is that stage 6 is as much about expanding the scope of what has been done before, in terms of offerings, industry sectors and geography.

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