Friday, 16 April 2010

Getronics picks Greenstone for carbon reporting

Greenstone Greenstone Carbon Management has announced that Getronics UK is using its Acco2untenterprise carbon accounting software to establish an internal carbon management programme for its UK operation. 

As well as helping Getronics to understand and communicate its internal emissions, using Greenstone’s solution is also seen as a way to add value to client contracts.  In fact Greenstone will be helping Getronics develop ‘Green’ client propositions.


Getronics is the certainly the sort of ICT infrastructure services company that really needs to help clients address green issues, so this tie in is no real surprise.  The company manages the workspaces of some sizeable organisations in the finance and commercial sectors in the UK.  In fact the two companies demonstrate the sort of partnership needed around green ICT, particularly as the focus moves down from the major ICT suppliers and their customers.

This is not Greenstone’s only ICT client.  As we reported last year, Fujitsu Services in the UK is a customer and much of the proving of the software has apparently been achieved through their relationship.  Greenstone is playing in a very competitive market, though.

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