Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Green Grid forms a universal agreement on data centre energy efficiency metrics

Green GridThe Green Grid announced yesterday that it is has reached an agreement with a number of organisations around the world on the guiding principles of data centre energy efficiency metrics.  It has joined with the US Department of Energy’s Save Now and Federal Energy Management Programs, US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star Program, European Union Data Centre Code of Conduct, Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s (METI) Green IT Initiative and Japan’s Green IT Promotion Council (GIPC) to ensure that data centre metrics are clear and consistent globally.

The group will leverage its agreement to drive an understanding of energy efficiency metrics and improve data centre efficiencies.  A task force has been set up from the various organisations to push the initiative and monitor progress.

The Green Grid also announced that it has established an EPA Energy Star Program Management Office with the aim of positioning itself as a trusted technical advisor to the Energy Star program.


It’s clearly a good idea to have a universal agreement on data centre energy efficiency metrics.  The more global these metrics are the more likely they are to be adopted.  Only a couple of weeks ago we reported on separate work in Australia to come up with their own measures, partly because the Green Grid’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE - the ratio of the total power used in the facility to the power used by the IT equipment) is fairly crude.  But this is addressed in the desired outcomes of the agreement between these organisations, which states that metrics should:

• Measure the actual IT work output of the data centre compared to actual energy consumption. The following interim measurements are being defined and/or validated:
  - Measure the potential IT work output compared to expected energy consumption; and measure operational utilization of IT equipment 
  - Data centre facility and infrastructure - Measure the data centre infrastructure efficiency (PUE)
• Measure renewable energy technologies and re-use of energy to reduce carbon

Tom Brey, Secretary of The Green Grid, said: “The ultimate goal is to create a set of globally accepted metrics for data centre energy efficiency. One of the first, and perhaps most important factors to successfully achieving this aim is establishing a unity of communication”.

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