Thursday, 22 April 2010

Intermedia helps small companies with green communications

Earth day is a good time to promote energy saving solutions and hosted communications company Intermedia has taken the opportunity. 

The company has released some estimates of how small businesses can reduce their carbon footprints and save money by outsourcing their communications technology:

• Osterman Research has calculated that in addition to reduced costs for on-site servers and staffing costs, about $870 per server each year can be saved from lower power consumption alone.

• Intermedia also claims it can power 240 mailboxes using the power and equipment resources equivalent to one computer server, whereas an in-house, business critical solution would require four to eight servers.

Jonathan McCormick, COO of Intermedia said that “Outsourcing communications technology and using hosted providers can help businesses reduce costs, replace big hardware expenses with predictable monthly bills, and cut back on power consumption. These same services also help businesses operate remote workforces with less travel, further reducing energy consumption and costs. It’s a start.”


Hosted communications certainly ticks a lot of boxes for small businesses and I’ve no doubt has received a boost during the economic slowdown as companies have looked to fixed cost solutions.  Communications complexity is growing, but so are the potential benefits in other parts of the business, so you can see the potential appeal.  The economies of scale of outsourcing also mean that it’s usually a greener solution. As in so much of ICT the green aspect is really at the bottom of the list of priorities, but that doesn’t make it any the less a climate-saving alternative.

I wish they hadn’t referred to it as cloud-based communications services, though.  Every ICT service is now referred to as cloud-based and it’s losing any meaning.  In any case, the recent experience of (ash) clouds in the UK is that the cloud was the problem, not the solution!

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