Monday, 12 April 2010

Logica works on the infrastructure for electric car charging stations in The Netherlands

Logica Logica in the Netherlands has announced that it will work with the Dutch foundation to develop the national infrastructure necessary to roll out 10,000 charging stations for electric cars in the Netherlands.

The foundation is a group of Dutch energy grid companies which aims to encourage the use of electric cars. The foundation will collect essential data needed for future energy grid investments.

The charging station infrastructure will be the backbone for a range of services and associated payment systems. Logica delivers the back office systems to maintain the charging stations and process transactions.  The company has already developed a similar back office system in a successful trial and also developed the charging stations’ software.


It’s another example of the many and varied IT opportunities out there that a new green economy will throw up.  There’s a lot of basic infrastructure changes needed to address climate change, which, in turn, are likely to result in a review of and changes to existing business processes.  A move to a green economy is a move to a more efficient economy, and efficiency means more ICT.

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