Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hitachi Consulting announces a new Environmental Sustainability Solutions practice

Hitachi Hitachi Consulting has announced a new Environmental Sustainability Solutions practice, offering a set of solutions designed to help companies shift to a more resource efficient and environmentally responsible business. 

The practice will help companies measure and manage their environmental impact reduction initiatives through strategy, research and implementation services.  The aim is to provide cross-industry, environmentally focused solutions, including risk mitigation and proactive management of energy consumption, fuel usage, chemical compliance, water conservation and material reuse.

Hitachi is looking to leverage the progress already made by Hitachi Ltd in Asia and Hitachi Consulting in Europe.  It’s also looking to help introduce sustainable product innovations from sister companies, including Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Power Systems and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems.

At the same time, Hitachi Consulting has launched a new energy consumption and carbon emissions reduction service, which combines SAP’s Carbon Impact on-demand solution with Hitachi Consulting’s methodology.  The package helps customers create a blueprint for an enterprise-wide environmental impact reporting strategy.  Hitachi Consulting itself recently implemented SAP Carbon Impact solution in-house.

This new service offering will be tailored to a set of target industries to address immediate sustainability reporting requirements, including the EPA greenhouse gas mandatory reporting regulations, consumer products companies responding to retailer carbon footprint transparency reporting initiatives, etc.


Perhaps a bit late in the game, but Hitachi has the internal experience, ICT offerings and wider group portfolio to call upon to address the environmental concerns of customers.  Collaborating with SAP for the enterprise emissions reduction solution makes a lot of sense and I would expect the company to partner with other IT software and solutions companies to fill out its green consulting portfolio.

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