Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Birmingham airport uses Google Earth to help pass on environmental messages

People and businesses located near Birmingham Airport in the UK can now use Google Earth to find out about its flight paths, noise insulation scheme, air quality monitoring and other environmental programmes.

Ben Hanley, the Airport’s Environment Manager, said, “We’re always seeking new ways to communicate our initiatives and information, and this new Google Earth tool allows key environmental information to be viewed in ways that were not previously possible, giving our neighbours a better insight into our programmes”.

Users just have to install Google Earth on their computer and then download a KMZ file from the Birmingham airport website.  They can then view the various layers of airport information, which link back to associated sections of the Airport’s website.


A great idea and good PR for the airport, which is the UK’s sixth largest. From experience, there are always issues around flight paths and aircraft noise, so having a clear reference point and supporting information can only be good. 

As one who lives near Luton airport, I wish all airports were as helpful as Birmingham seems to be. Airports can never, by their nature, be environmentally friendly, but they can at least work with local communities to limit some of the damage.

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