Friday, 25 June 2010

CA has released a new version of its ecoSoftware carbon management tool

CA CA has announced ecoSoftware 2.0, the latest version of its energy, carbon and sustainability management solution. The solution comprises ecoGovernance, the software-as-a-service based sustainability and carbon management solution, and ecoMeter, which covers the operational energy management side.

In the case of ecoGovernance the reporting framework has been enhanced to allow for faster generation of standard reports.  The software can be used for annual reporting across a range of mandatory and voluntary initiatives, including the UK’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). It’s also adapted for the international market, with multiple reporting units, multi-currency reporting and nine languages.

The other half of the solution, CA ecoMeter, uses a dashboard to monitor energy efficiency trends.  Customers can integrate a variety of devices and systems and it now has an enhanced discovery process whereby the system automatically discover devices with which it can communicate.  ecoMeter integrates with traditional building management systems.


ecoSoftware sounds like a pretty comprehensive tool and CA seems to be putting a lot behind it, but it’s not clear how successful it’s been.  The company had a high profile sale to Tesco last September, US co-location company Datotel is a customer, and at the same time as this announcement UK-based IT solutions provider Logicalis said it had chosen ecoSoftware to improve its governance and operational management of energy and carbon. But I would have expected more high-profile announcements by now.

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