Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Digital Realty Trust launches the first packaged data centre energy monitoring and management solution

Digital Realty Trust ‘the world's largest wholesale data centre provider’ has launched PowerVU, a tool designed to help customers increase data centre energy efficiency and reduce power costs.  It’s apparently the industry's first packaged solution for centralised monitoring and management of data centre power consumption, energy efficiency and load analysis.

image PowerVU tracks and displays energy usage by metered component and displays actual power demand and usage on a dashboard.  The software also provides a graphical display of PUE and its components - utility input and UPS output – so that energy efficiency can be measured daily, monthly and annually.  Usage can also be analysed down to component level.

PowerVU will become a standard component in all new turn-key  data centres from Digital Realty Trust.

Jim Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Digital Realty Trust made the point that "Until now outsourced providers have not offered much in the way of support to meet customers' energy efficiency initiatives. We developed PowerVU to give customers a packaged solution that consolidates critical information and helps them take the appropriate steps to effectively reduce energy consumption".


It’s a point well made.  Those that operate data centres will increasingly need effective tools to monitor, manage and report emissions, so it’s going to be important to have some solution like this in place.  Data centre power use will be an increasing focus as legislation spreads, such as the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme that was recently implemented in the UK.  Data centre energy will be a critical component in determining whether a company is in or out of the scheme.  We’re likely to see a lot more solutions like this emerge.

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