Monday, 19 July 2010

BT adds weight to Arqiva’s long-range radio solution for smart grid communications in the UK

BT Logo A couple of weeks ago I reported on Arqiva’s long-range radio smart metering proposition. I mentioned at the time that while the solution looks good there are a lot of forces lined up in the battle to supply the UK smart grid communications infrastructure, including some formidable ICT suppliers who are championing other technologies.

Well now Arqiva has a powerful ally in the form of BT, which announced today that it’s joining forces with Arqiva and Detica. BT apparently spent 18 months analysing the various communications options available to meet the smart metering initiative before joining with Arqiva. 

The Government will publish details of the project and the possible commercial opportunities in the autumn, which is when Arqiva and partners will formally launch their proposal.

The fact that BT doesn’t have a mobile phone operation of its own may have been a factor in going with Arqiva, but it does open the prospect of a real battle for smart grid communications technology in the UK.

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