Thursday, 8 July 2010

European FIT4Green project aims at reducing data centre server energy use by 20%

The VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland has announced that it’s participating in an EU project, called FIT4Green, which aims to deliver 20% saving in the energy consumption of server and network devices and induce a further 30% saving in from reduced cooling needs.

The project will create an ‘energy-aware’ layer of plug-ins on top of the current data centres' management tools. This additional layer will be able to allocate ICT resources and turn off unused equipment. In addition, the project will develop energy consumption models for ICT components, and business models, such as energy-aware SLAs, will also be considered.

The approach being developed could potentially be applied to any data centre and the project will test the system in three pilot sites representing typical topologies: service/enterprise portal, supercomputing grid and cloud computing.

The 30-month project started in January this year and is coordinated by GFI Informática with HP Italy the technological leader. The first results considering single data centre scenario will be available in March 2011.

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