Thursday, 22 July 2010

Grid Net and Oracle join up to deliver smart grid/smart meter solutions

Grid Net and Oracle have announced that they’ll be working together on advanced distribution management systems and meter data management technology for utilities’ Smart Grid deployments.

Grid Net is a privately-held smart grid company that develops IP-based software to handle transmission of electricity over power grids and also smart meter software. Back in March Cisco announced that it had bought a stake in the company. Joining up with Oracle means that Grid Net will be able to offer Oracle’s utility solutions alongside its own, as well as getting access to Oracle’s established utility sector customers.

But in the dynamic smart grid/smart meter market, where favoured technologies and solutions are yet to emerge, this will not be an exclusive arrangement. The market has massive potential in the long-term, so all players will be looking to spread their favours in the hope of winning a slice of the action.

Grid Net, for example, sees its 4G WIMAX integration as a product differentiator, but the tie-in with Oracle will expand its market opportunities. Oracle is also a partner with smart meter telemetry company Sensus, which, as I reported a couple of weeks ago, has joined Arqiva in its trial of long range radio-based communications for smart grids.

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