Friday, 27 August 2010

Wipro announces Fluid State modular data centres

Wipro Wipro has joined the modular data centre market with the launch of its FluidState data centre from Wipro Infotech.

Targeted at small, medium and enterprise businesses (isn’t that everyone?), the FluidState data centre is a predesigned, prefabricated facility that can be setup in less than a week, ‘almost 10 times faster than a conventional data centre’.

‘FluidState’ stands for flexible, lean, upgradable, intelligent data centre, standardised for accelerated deployment. The data centre incorporates technology from Cisco, HP, Hitachi and EMC, among others and the modular design means that it can be upgraded (or downgraded) without any downtime.

Apart from the advantages of modularity and the fact that it is optimised for efficiency, cooling, power and space, the data centres have other green advantages in terms of a unified computing environment with 24x7 lights out operation, capacity on demand, four times higher density per rack, up to 40% lower cooling cost and reduced carbon footprint. The data centre uses virtualisation and highest density in its building blocks.

It’s certainly the data centre market to be in these days, combining both low initial cost and low carbon footprint with flexibility. Just being modular means that customers are not powering and cooling large unused server halls from the start. They can also use the latest technology as they expand, getting greener as they go along.

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