Thursday, 16 September 2010

EcoSnoop – highlighting opportunities to be more green

Thanks to for pointing it out this web site aimed at helping communities heighten awareness of opportunities to be more green.

EcoSnoop has an iPhone app designed to help capture clear pictures of a eco problems and post these pictures on a community website so that those responsible can take action.  The sort of thing they have in mind is lights left on in a building, late at night for no reason, wasting heat or air conditioning, a truck unnecessarily idling at a loading dock, etc.

EcoSnoop describes itself as a photo driven "Trouble Ticket" system, identifying problems while leveraging the community to find a fix.




Clearly it’s a bit controversial and has the opportunity for misuse, but the company says it will remove any content that appears to be personally motivated or focuses explicitly on a residence.

EcoSnoop also says it is not about picking sides in the environmental or climate change debate, but simply helping identify opportunities for making improvements that help companies and communities reduce cost, waste and inefficiency. (But then why is it called EcoSnoop?).

It all very new and the company is hoping for some venture funding in the future. The iPhone app is the first focus, so the web site still needs some work.  EcoSnoop says that as it grows the site will let users make recommendations to those responsible for the waste and become a ‘polite but empowered social networking experience’. Blackberry, Palm and other devices will be added over time.


Potentially a bit controversial, as the company acknowledges, but it makes sense in theory and you could envisage it becoming a very useful tool in a green-aware business environment. It need’s to establish some clear benefits fairly early on, though, if it’s going to be taken seriously and not just become a finger-pointing exercise.

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