Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fujitsu America introduces new Green IT solutions

Fujitsu Fujitsu Services in the US has announced a new QuickStart assessment and Green IT Delivery Solution services. The idea is to deliver actionable plans for reducing enterprise IT energy costs by 20% and support corporate sustainability efforts. The two elements are:

• A QuickStart assessment that takes only two weeks and provides customers with a Green IT foundation. It helps prioritise projects in five areas: business operations; data centre efficiencies; end-user efficiencies; metrics and monitoring; and lifecycle and procurement.

• A Green IT Delivery Solution to define sustainability goals and implement a six-month delivery programme. It uses data modelling techniques and scenario analysis to support an IT sustainability profile, including an estimate of IT assets' electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It includes things like consolidation, virtualisation and power management, procurement strategies and reducing waste of paper and consumables through education and policies. 

There are more details here. Both the QuickStart assessment and Green IT Delivery Solution are available now. The QuickStart price starts at $25,000 with the Green IT Delivery Solution pricing dependent on requirements. There are reports that the services are also being rolled out in the UK, which I would expect to see.


This sounds like a well-packaged service. A significant attraction, as the press release points out, is that companies can save more than 25% of energy costs within the data centre alone, plus PC power savings, printing costs, etc. So the cost of the services could be paid back very quickly. (Although the incentive depends on whether the department that pays the power bills buys IT services).

My only reservation would be that it focuses more on the IT operation itself than on the rest of the business. But then you have to start somewhere and the ‘enablement’ aspects, i.e. helping the company as a whole save energy/emissions through its business operations, could well be packaged in more ambitious services.

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