Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New @UK PLC ecommerce marketplace will launch with environmental impact data

@UK PLC is, according to its Directors, one of the largest e-Procurement marketplaces in the world with over one million users to date. On October 7th the company is launching a new site which will also show users the environmental impact of their purchase and provide the ability to offset the impact.

The new site reflects a change in the company’s business model, with its new market place promoting suppliers to the wider internet. There are already over 5,000 public sector organisations purchasing through the platform and, since over 80% of public sector organisations in the UK have apparently not yet implemented their own e-procurement solution, the company is hoping for a significant increase in spend.

The environmental aspect entails the use of the company’s recently launched e2class Ethical and Environmental Classification system, along with GreenInsight, its ethical and environmental analysis system.




e2class will be the core classification system for the marketplace, allowing all items to have associated environmental information. It builds on NSV (National Supplies Vocabulary), the item level product classification used by the UK Government for over 30 years, with over 500,000 products that have standard descriptions and are mapped onto individual supplier products.

With classification for over three million commonly purchased products (and calculated carbon footprints for those products for which data is not available) the company uses GreenInsight to build a picture of an organisations carbon footprint from the bottom up based on every product purchased.


@UK PLC looks to be on to a winner here. Green procurement is going to be a big issue, particularly in the public sector where there will also be little government money to invest in any new e-procurement solutions. Not sure of the value of GreenInsight as described, but then one area where the company could make improvements is in clearer explanations of its offering on its web site.

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