Thursday, 2 September 2010

Oracle has announced the availability of its new utilities smart meter data management software

Oracle Oracle has announced the availability of it’s Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0 software, aimed at helping utilities manage the vast amount of energy and water consumption data collected through the deployment of smart meters. It’s a component of the company’s Utilities Smart Meter Platform.

Using the Smart Meter Platform utilities can turn consumption data into useful intelligence, enabling them to improve services, better control costs and respond to meter-related events.

Oracle maintains that the new version gets round the problem of integrating customer information systems with meter data management systems. Utilities can continue to access custom, legacy systems whilst retaining the flexibility to configure an IT solution to meet the goals of future smart grid initiative.

The software also includes a centralised device portal. As well as providing customer service support it also contains tools that help utilities view/edit interval data, look for signs of tampering or theft, view/analyse audit records and examine weather patterns to determine usage variations.

Over the next year Oracle plans to add more applications to the platform, including business intelligence, a smart grid gateway and support of communication to customers regarding usage and efficiency programs.


It’s no surprise that Oracle is putting a lot of effort into its smart meter/smart grid software, given the global opportunities it represents. There’s a lot of competition, but Oracle is well-entrenched in the utilities market and developing its offering fast.

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