Sunday, 26 September 2010

SAP enhances its Carbon Impact OnDemand solution

SAP SAP last week introduced an enhanced version of its Carbon Impact OnDemand solution. The software is designed to help companies report, analyse and reduce their worldwide energy and greenhouse gas emissions. The company points out that it’s also possible to adapt carbon reduction strategies to changing global market environments, including volatile energy prices and tightening regulations, such as the introduction of the US EPA Mandatory Reporting Rule, which requires the reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from large sources and suppliers in the US.

SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand is the first SAP solution developed to run natively in the cloud as well as providing integration with existing SAP on-premise software. Given that sustainability efforts need to be adopted across corporations, this new version also allows companies to add language support, via an upcoming service pack, for more than 50 countries. Social collaboration technology also helps companies engage with employees and suppliers in becoming more sustainable.

Among the companies already using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution are Autodesk, Arch Chemicals and Fisker Automotive. SAP itself is setting an example by running the software internally to analyse its own energy use and carbon footprint. The solution apparently helped the company identify key areas for implementing carbon-efficient operations, including travel, data centres, buildings and commitment to renewable energy.


SAP seems to be really pushing out with Carbon Impact on Demand, which now seems to tick a lot of boxes. It’s bad news for many of the small, specialist carbon management software companies – this is the sort of company and product that will ‘eat their lunch’.

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