Wednesday, 6 October 2010

AVOB expands into the crowded US PC power management market

image The PC power management sector just got a little more crowded with the entrance of AVOB (Alternative Vision Of Business) into the US market. The French company has opened its US Headquarters in San Francisco and released an English language version of its Energy Saver product.

AVOB claims that its solution is the only one on the market that not only maximises energy savings when PCs are not being used but also matches the power to the needs when PCs are working - processor speed and voltage are adjusted to avoid any energy waste. The company is prepared to put its money where its mouth is by only charging according to savings made by customers.

The software, which can be hosted and run as Software-as-a-Service, can also monitor and manage the energy and carbon footprint of Cisco EnergyWise-compatible devices (although it’s not unique in that).

To coincide with the US launch the company has released a free tool to help SMBs and large enterprises estimate PC energy consumption and the savings that could be made. The tool - Energy Viewer Express – can be downloaded from

AVOB is already well-established in France, with more than 60 enterprise customers for Energy Saver, including Global 500 companies such as Airbus Industries, Air France and Renault. The company was founded in 2009 and in 2010 received funding from Kima Ventures, set up by two serial entrepreneurs, one of whom, Xavier Niel, is a well-known French entrepreneur and businessman with a track record in IT and telecommunications.


As far as I can tell (and this is a market that I am currently researching in some depth) the only unique aspect of AVOB’s solution is the ability to manage power when PCs are in use. Charging based on savings is not a new idea, although talking to a number of vendors the view is that many customers prefer a known cap on the cost rather than a variable payment.

AVOB has entered the US market with a splash and has a lot going for it. Although this is a huge market it’s also very competitive and not as easy a sell as you might think, at least to large corporations. PC power management is not necessarily at the top of the CIOs agenda, because despite the short payback time it’s often not the IT department that gets the financial benefit.  IT often has other priorities or is more focused on the data centre, where energy savings can be a more pressing issue with more dramatic savings.

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  1. Pete...Had lunch with a GreenIT guy who mentioned AVOB-USA. Said they have a technical advantage with their propriety s/w. With at least 40 competitors..any more info on the AVOB-USA competitive advantage?

  2. Hi Joe,
    I guess this refers to AVOB's claim that its solution is the only one on the market that matches the power used to the processing need when the PC is actually working. Apparently processor speed and voltage are adjusted to avoid any energy waste. Most solutions only adjust the power usage when the machine is 'idle'.

    I don't know how much difference this makes - most energy gains are in shutting machines down when they're not in use. But AVOB at least puts its money where its mouth is - AVOB provides the software free, with customers paying according to the savings they make.

    The company has been very successful in France, so it must be doing something right.