Wednesday, 13 October 2010

EPS adds supply chain emissions to its energy management solution

US-company EPS provides energy management solutions for industrial manufacturers. The company’s flagship product, xChange Point pulls together enterprise-wide energy usage data into a form that can be used to set actions and plans.

XChange Point allows manufacturers to view energy use defined under Scopes 1 and 2 of the GHG Protocol, i.e. sources that they own or control (Scope 1) and emissions from grid-sourced electricity and the other utility services (Scope 2). Now, though, through an alliance with environmental accounting firm Climate Earth, EPS has added the Carbon Management Platform to XChange Point. This extends the coverage to Scope 3 emissions, which includes a variety of activities in the corporate value chain.


The new product provides a total carbon footprint for large and mid-sized manufacturing companies, including emissions from raw materials from processing to procurement. The solution can also leverage supply chain financial data to show potential energy and carbon reduction opportunities. It means that immediate issues can be addressed as well as enabling more long-term strategic decisions on materials used, procurement and supply chain activities.


Scope3 emissions are the hardest to quantify and many companies have gone no further than addressing business travel. But in manufacturing, the supply chain aspect of scope 3 can constitute the vast majority of emissions, so it’s good to see solutions coming to the market that can address the issue.

Apparently the software can also rank the performance of suppliers, materials, product lines and facilities by carbon intensity or by carbon emitted compared with sales and revenue generated. A useful tool and it means the supply chain will need to look to their own supply chain ….

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