Monday, 11 October 2010

Free data centre EnergyCheck from Viridity Software

Massachusetts-based Viridity supplies software that models energy use in data centres. EnergyCenter, launched earlier this year, provides detailed energy information and trends from the usage and power consumption of servers and other devices. Based on the data, which includes average server utilisation and the number of under-utilised servers, data centre managers can work out how to reduce cost and space.

Anyway, the company has now launched EnergyCheck, basically a free version of the front end, which discovers, measures and reports on energy use and gives an overview of potential savings from the consolidation and retirement of servers.

It’s been released as a tool for customers, professional consulting companies and data centre optimisation/design people. It’s currently only available in the US, but should be launched in Europe next year.




When I spoke to Steve Keilen, VP of Marketing at Viridity, last week he pointed out just how important it is to address the problem of under-used servers. Based on Viridity customer evaluations:image

• 30% of servers were monitored at less than 2% utilisation

• 35% of servers showed 2%-10% utilisation

• Only one of three servers were used more than 10% of the time.



Well the usual figures bandied about are that servers are, on average, used 10-15% of the time. These figures from Viridity aren’t precise enough to give an exact figure, but they reflect a similar overall average.

What surprises me is that 30% are being used less than 2% of the time. At that sort of utilisation (less than half an hour a day), it suggests it should be pretty easy to identify the miscreants and rectify the situation. And that’s what Viridity (among others) is trying to do.

Of course there’s still the question of what ‘utilisation’ means, but that’s another story.

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