Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Global Smart Grid Federation is officially launched

It was initially announced back in April, but the Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) was officially launched recently.

The organisation has emerged from the various public-private initiatives that were formed as countries have initiated programs to explore the potential of smart grids. The Federation was formed to:

  • Enable collaboration between the various national and international smart grid non-governmental and governmental organisations from around the world and conduct research into the application of smart grid technologies.

  • Establish itself as the global centre for competency on smart grid technologies and policy issues.

  • Foster the international exchange of ideas and best practices on energy issues.

  • Open dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors in countries around the world on smart grid technologies.

The organisations that make up GSGF represent their countries' national initiatives to create smarter grids. The members are GridWise Alliance (United States), India Smart Grid Forum, Japan Smart Community Alliance, Korean Smart Grid Association, Smart Grid Australia, Smart Grid Canada and SmartGridIreland. Details of each of the members are available from the GSGF web site, but each member organization has a seat on the board of directors, which directs all activities of the Federation.


Sounds like a good idea, particularly since it’s likely that smart grids will need to work together in the future, e.g. for the import and export of renewable energy. But it would be reassuring to know that there was at least some private sector involvement (there are no individual corporate members) if only to get some alternative views of technology on offer. Innovation has to be near the top of the agenda and that really needs vendor input.

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