Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oceanopolis – the Facebook game that encourages recycling

Greenopolis is a company that’s using technology and rewards to encourage recycling in the US. The company places its interactive recycling kiosks in retail centres where people can scan and deposit their plastic, aluminium and glass drinks containers. In return they get a receipt and can go online to choose how to spend their rewards.

The online aspect is an important part of the process as the company has created a community of bloggers and content around recycling.

Now Greenopolis is expanding this social media approach through an interactive game on Facebook. Oceanopolis (Not to be confused with the marine life centre of the same name in France) is a game that educates users on sustainable living. If you’re in the US then the points you earn in the game can be combined with Greenopolis recycling points to earn real rewards.

It’s an example of social media as a means to educate, inform and encourage – a not-to-be-ignored aspect of green ICT. It wouldn’t be nearly as effective any other way (given that there are 500 million Facebook users).

If your not in the US have a go anyway. At least it’s a reason for logging on to Facebook (if you need one).

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  1. Games are turning out to be a terrific way to engage people in important concepts. One example similar to this is IBM's new CityOne, which challenges people to build sustainable urban infrastructure using intelligent design (http://www.theinfoboom.com/articles/ibm-launches-cityone-a-serious-game-solving-real-economic-problems/).

    Another that isn't as eco-focused, but similarly seeks to solve business problems is Cisco's myPlanNet (http://www.cisco.com/web/solutions/sp/myplannet/index.html)