Thursday, 7 October 2010

Play the IBM game and build a smarter planet.



IBM has launched CityOne, a ‘Smarter Planet’ interactive game in which players have to solve business, environmental and logistical problems to improve the wellbeing of the city.

There’s four aspects to focus on; energy, water, retail and banking. So the challenge, according to IBM, is to make the energy systems more efficient, the water cleaner and more plentiful, banks more robust and customer-centric and retail stores more innovative.

IBM throws up a lot of business challenges and suggests solutions (some are IT-based and some not, but you can guess which are most likely to maximise scores!). Choices have impacts on budgets, environmental and social issues and performance is scored accordingly.


It’s the sort of thing that should really have been launched on a Friday, to help wind down for the weekend. I’ve only focused on the energy aspect, but my score ranked me 2,632 and labelled me as a ‘pragmatic’ leader. I’m just happy that I managed to improve the business environment and make the citizens happier. See if you can do better.

What bothers me is the game’s focus on energy, water, retail and banking. It seems the challenge is to maintain an environment where we can all shop until we drop but without the banks collapsing again. It’s just not my vision of a sustainable world.

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  1. Pete:

    This game has stirred up quite a bit of conversation. some of the IBM bloggers have been playing and commenting on how this is more than just a game.

    The Smarter Planet Blog also has a good post on how this simulation can solve real problems