Thursday, 28 October 2010

SAP and Siemens agree on electric car collaboration

SAP  Siemens

SAP and Siemens IT Solutions and Services have agreed to work together on an eCar proof of concept. The aim is to demonstrate the cross-industry collaboration that’s going to be needed to support the widespread use of electric vehicles.

This seems to be all about how electric car users will be charged for their power use when they use various vehicle charging stations supplied by different providers. Siemens Energy will provide an actual charging station as well as a network operating centre to enable communication between the station and various back-end systems, while SAP will handle some of the back-end integration through its SAP for Utilities solutions.

The companies are working on specific types of use starting with demonstrating the end-to-end process of measuring energy consumption and generating an invoice of an eCar charging at the ‘home’ utility. It will also cater for the instance where a ‘guest’ utility is involved, for example, when a person could pay for electricity costs incurred during cross-country commutes through their home electricity bill. Additional charging and billing scenarios will be tried out once the initial test are complete.


It sounds quite interesting and gives an insight into the complexities of an electric car world (and this is just scratching the surface). To be honest, though, I wouldn’t have understood what was going on here if they hadn’t given the examples. (See what you think).

This is new technology, guys, for a new world. If you want us to know and appreciate what you’re doing then please get someone to tell us in the sort of English that we can understand. (And that’s from someone who’s been trying to making sense of IT-speak for 25 years).

Over and out.

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