Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sony’s Open Planet Ideas enters the concept phase


Back in September I reported on Open Planet Ideas, launched by Sony Europe and supported by WWF as an online community incubator for collaborative technology solutions to critical environmental issues. The idea is to identify issues and tackle them through the innovative use of Sony technology.

The first stage was to get suggestions of issues that people care about, that inspires them to action or involves the smart use of technology.


Since the start of the process 335 ideas have been received and a panel of experts has grouped them into six themes (rather than just selecting one problem, as originally planned). The themes are:

• Changing behaviour - How can technology help to make a less resource-intensive lifestyle not just the 'right' choice, but the more desirable option too?

• Cleaner by design - How can technology help us design products, services and infrastructure with fever environmental impacts in their manufacture, use and disposal?

• More with less - How can technology help us use our natural resources more efficiently?

• Make it real - How can technology bridge the gap between our actions and their impacts?

• Waste not - How can technology turn waste into something more useful?

• Recycling revisited - How can technology help us get better at recycling?

The next stage is for online collaboration via the Open Planet site to share ideas on how to use Sony technology to meet the challenge. There are already 71 suggestions and the process will continue until the end of November.

The solutions will be evaluated by the expert panel and the community as a whole to select the most elegant, beneficial or viable. The results will be announced in January next year and the winner will be developed through to proof of concept or a working model.


As I said when it was launched, it may well generate some interesting ideas for green technology applications. The ideas should have been narrowed down more, though, to focus effort on practical solutions. The themes are very broad and invite broad responses - as it is many of the ‘concepts’ already suggested have been fitted into more than one of the themes. It’s in danger of becoming a green ideas forum rather than a green ICT application collaboration. See what you think.

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