Thursday, 4 November 2010

1E updates its NightWatchman PC power management software

image Leading power management software company 1E has released version 6.0 of its NightWatchman PC solution. The main enhancements are:

• A new web-based dashboard to provide a high-level view of power use. It can also show information from other 1E products, including  NightWatchman Server and WakeUp (a wake-up-on-LAN tool).

• Location-based energy tariffs, which means that reporting on energy saved can be that much more accurate. The software already calculates energy consumption specific to the exact make and model of a machine.

• Enhanced sleepless client detection to make sure that PCs are put into a low-power state when not in use.

1E subsequently announced that insurance company Aviva will be using NightWatchman. The software is being deployed across Aviva’s UK estate of around 30,000 PCs and the expectation is that each year it will save CO2 emissions equivalent to 500 cars.


These new product enhancements reflect 1E’s efforts to stay ahead in a market where it has a significant competitive lead against its direct rivals. These new capabilities reflect some of the main issues in the market, i.e. knowing when a machine is doing nothing (idle detection) and the need for comprehensive and clear reporting. The accuracy of the data will increasingly become an issue, particularly if the data is fed into carbon management solutions.

1E will need to keep enhancing its products because this is an increasingly competitive market with low barriers to entry. There’s a quote from Gartner in the press release saying that they believe by 2012, more than 50% of midsize and large organisations will centrally manage desktop power states. That’s an optimistic figure (the Carbon Saving Computing Initiative puts the current figure at around half that) and with PC lifecycle management products from BigFix (now part of IBM) and Dell Kace, for example, offering more basic power management capabilities at significantly lower price, competition will be fierce.

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