Monday, 15 November 2010

APC provides power monitoring software with its Smart UPS

APC has announced what it claims is the first Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) software to provide energy reporting for IT equipment.

The PowerChute Business Edition 9.0 software goes beyond system shutdown and UPS management by calculating the electricity used, the cost in the local currency and the emissions generated by all the equipment protected by a Smart UPS.

Using APC Smart-UPS with switched outlet groups and the latest PowerChute software, users can configure the sequence by which equipment shuts down and restarts. It is also possible to power off less critical equipment under certain conditions, which means that servers can be powered down when not in use to reduce running costs and CO2 output. The company maintains that turning off unessential servers outside business hours using this capability could save enough money to cover the cost of purchasing an APC Smart-UPS product in about two years.

The next generation of the Smart-UPS family is planned for release in Q4 in the US and will include a high efficiency ‘green’ mode (no details at the moment).


The data centre is becoming a battlefield for various companies offering the means to monitor and manage power use. With this announcement ACS has joined the fray. But with so many other devices, from virtualisation solutions to facilities management software, it’s hard to see who is going to control this green IT space. APC is part of Schneider Electric, though, which is likely to be one of the suppliers that others will have to integrate with. Integration, compatibility and standards will become the name of the game – particularly since the launch of the Open Data Centre Alliance.

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