Monday, 8 November 2010

Facebook launches a ‘green’ page

image Facebook now has its own ‘green’ page where the company will ‘highlight our efforts to be a green and sustainable global citizen’.

On the page (which is here) the company says that it is taking steps to implement responsible sustainability practices, including efforts toward energy efficient computing, better business practices, advocacy and partnerships and leveraging the social sustainability of its platform. Partners listed on the page include the Alliance to Save Energy, Digital Energy Solutions Campaign and The Green Grid.

The page gives a recent example of Facebook’s actions. A programming language designed by Facebook engineers enabled the company to reduce the CPU usage of its web servers by half, saving energy. To spread the benefit the software has been released as open source.


The green page gives details of other green activities by the company. It all sounds great and it’s a good reference point for Facebook’s green efforts. The part I would query, though, is the bit about ‘leveraging the social sustainability of the Facebook platform’. The company’s view is that just by enabling people to easily connect and share, Facebook can ‘help unleash innovative environmental initiatives across the globe’.

I hope so.

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