Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The ‘Fate of the World’ – can be in your hands

UK company Red Redemption has released ‘Fate of the World’, a global strategy game that puts you in charge of the world’s future.

The game is based on a set of science-based scenarios stretching out for 200 years into the future. Players are put in charge of balancing the conflicting requirements of protecting the Earth's climate and resources against the needs of an ever-growing world population, which needs more food, power, and living space.


There are a number of pre-set missions in 12 different world regions and as well as the headline challenges they face, players may nurture endangered animals, cure (or cause) global pandemics, plan future technologies such as geo-engineering, fusion power and genetic modification, and deal with disasters such as sea level rise, flash-fires, mass-migration, and super-hurricanes.

The game has an impressive pedigree – for this production Red Redemption had the help of climate scientist Dr Myles Allen (University of Oxford) and writing from David Bishop (Dr Who), among many others.

Fate of the World is certainly available in the UK to pre-order now (and possibly generally available from today – details unclear). It works on PCs with a Mac version due shortly. More info here.


It sounds interesting. There are other games that touch on social issues, but this seems to be the first full-blown environment-based title to hit the market.

It could certainly be a great educational tool simply by raising all the issues that it covers, but as with any computer game it will stand or fall on how good it is to play. Given the thought that seems to have gone into it and the people involved, it has a very good chance. (I’ve ordered mine).

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