Wednesday, 17 November 2010

FirstCarbon launches energy savings services subsidiary

Carbon-management company, FirstCarbon Solutions (part of outsourcing provider ADEC Solutions) has announced that it has established a subsidiary aimed at helping organisations improve energy savings programmes.

Called FirstCarbon Energy Solutions, the new company will provide a range of services consisting of energy savings programmes, auditing and verification, rebate programme processing and support, and energy management software.

Like its parent, FirstCarbon Energy Solutions will offer outsourcing services to clients, particularly around rebate processing services to utilities and municipalities. The company will oversee all rebate call centre operations, document management, reporting and payment processing.


This seems to be part of a pragmatic move out of ‘pure’ carbon management services into an area that may have more obvious bottom-line appeal to clients. So the focus is on energy and also the cost-savings aspect of outsourcing, e.g. the utility rebate programmes. (In the US and Canada many utility companies offer rebates to clients for reducing energy use – it’s a driving force in the PC power management market in the US, for example).

This move from a carbon focus to energy could be a trend. Earlier this year Carbonetworks changed its name to ENXSuite. The company used to say that its software platform helped companies create carbon emissions strategies, but the new identity is aimed at reflecting ‘the company’s broad customer adoption as an energy performance management provider’.

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