Tuesday, 2 November 2010

WeatherBug comes to the aid of smart grids

US Weather forecasting company WeatherBug has announced the launch of WeatherBug Smart Grid Solutions, a suite of applications that provide of real-time, local weather intelligence designed to maximise smart grid efficiencies.

The various applications offer weather information, monitoring capabilities and forecasting intelligence, including:

  • Demand Forecasting based on weather information.

  • A Demand Response program that provides real-time insight and analysis for peak-demand reduction. image

  • Consumer Engagement through the WeatherBug EcoConnect portal, an educational energy resource portal covering weather information, energy consumption information, home energy audit information and energy smart tips to engage consumers in demand response programs.

  • Power Outage Management, in terms of understanding the problem and managing the solution.


There’s going to need to be something of a revolution in providing weather information in the future. Smart grids are a good example. They only really come into their own if they can be used effectively to spread the load (supplier) and reduce costs (consumer) and that can only happen if all parties have real-time information on supply and forecasts, which mainly means the weather.

It’s not just about making forecasting better – although they will need to be – but also getting the information out there in a way that it can be read, understood and used effectively - ultimately by other IT systems.

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