Friday, 24 December 2010

MacBook Pro for Christmas? – Offset the emissions

Belgrave Trust is offering a laptop neutral offset package that allows aluminium body MacBook Pro owners to offset the lifetime emissions (manufacture and use) of the device. Belgrave Trust is a US organisation dedicated to making offsets easier to use as well as ensuring they use high-quality carbon offset projects.

The focus is on the aluminium devices because, as the organisation points out, while manufacturers claim aluminium laptops are eco-friendly because they’re easier to recycle, an aluminium model causes 42% more greenhouse gas emissions than an identical plastic version.

imageThe offset service works by users purchasing a $10 sticker to go on their laptop to mark it as carbon neutral. Each purchase pays for clean energy and efficiency programmes around the world which reduce climate change-causing emissions sufficient to completely offset the laptop. The Laptop Neutral Sticker comes with a card outlining the carbon offset details.

The cost is based on the estimate that the laptop will emit a total of 0.63 metric tons CO2e during its lifecycle, based on published data for manufacturing and lifecycle and estimated average use.


Well, I’m never keen on offsetting – we need to focus on reducing power rather than going for the easy option of paying someone else to do it. But it’s better than nothing and in this case I think the sticker swings it. Putting such a green indicator over such an iconic logo will get attention, and awareness is half the battle.

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