Thursday, 23 December 2010

Open Planet Ideas – which one is best?


Open Planet Ideas is a collaborative green/tech project, launched by Sony Europe and supported by WWF, in which the public were invited to submit their ideas on how to repurpose existing Sony technologies to help tackle environmental issues. Around 400 ideas were received.

I reported on the process back in October when the online collaboration stage started to share ideas on how to use Sony technology to meet the challenges identified. Now they’re looking for input to help choose which one of the final eight shortlisted ideas should go forward to further development by Sony engineers.

Voting lasts until 9 January 2011, after which a panel of experts (from Sony, WWF and IDEO) will look at the ideas and the votes received to decide which idea will be taken to proof of concept, before releasing the results into the public domain for relevant organisations to implement in real life.

You can make your views known here – the video below explains all.

Well what else are you going to do over the holidays?


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