Monday, 20 December 2010

Relaunch for Ecosia – the green search engine, the green search engine that I reported on a year ago when it was launched, has celebrated its first birthday and come out with an improved site.

To celebrate its birthday the company announced that users had raised more than $160,000 (€123,000) for the WWF over the past 12 months as a result of using the organisation’s Bing and Yahoo-powered search engine. Not only does the site offset the search emissions, but every click on a sponsored ad within Ecosia translates into either cents for the environment - or cents for generating more cents for the environment.

“The numbers prove that such a social business concept can and does work,” said Ecosia founder Christian Kroll. “With this re-launch, we hope to make it even easier for Internet users everywhere to choose our sustainable services over the rest.”

The site improvements include added search options for images, videos, news and maps – featuring Bing’s Bird’s eye view – which help make the search function almost as versatile as that of any commercial search engine (Ecosia’s words).

Ecosia GmbH is a social business which donates at least 80% of its revenue to the world’s rainforests. The remaining 20% is reinvested in the further growth and development of the business. The German organisation had a rainforest conservation partnership with WWF Germany which has now become international - WWF will now receive the 80% of the site’s total monthly revenue, in support of its work in the Amazon.

The new site also has lots of information about how Ecosia works, WWF’s rainforest project supported by Ecosia, company values and history. Users can also join the sustainability conversation in the News section, where the latest from Ecosia and the WWF rainforest project it supports will appear.


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