Wednesday, 12 January 2011

‘New’ carbon management software solutions in the UK

Following on from yesterday’s comments on carbon emissions management solutions, it’s certainly true that there’s no let-up in the companies joining the market. I’ve come across a couple of new (at least to me) companies in the UK recently:

• ManageCO2 (the company and product name) has apparently been successful in Ireland and launched into the UK on Monday this week with what it claims is the UK’s first all-in-one solution for carbon and energy management.

The cloud-based solution can track and report on a company’s international carbon footprint and has an energy management module that allows for real-time energy monitoring of electricity, gas and oil consumption.

Adrian Fleming, Managing Director of ManageCO2, commented, “We’ve spent a number of years developing the software, ensuring not only that reporting complies with international standards and Government reporting regulations, including the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, but also making sure that it is simple and easy for businesses to use”.

A quick look at their web site ( shows it also has some impressive IT, environmental and energy experience in its management.

• Another company new to me is Loreus. It’s a spin-out from Nottingham Trent University founded by two leading environmental experts. It’s been around for a quite a while, with over 700 public and private sector organisations using its environmental services - software, consultancy and training.

The main carbon management offering is Loreus Carbon Manager, which is described as a web-based, software tool for measuring, monitoring and reporting an organisation’s carbon footprint. The solution is in line with the UK’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) and the ISO 14064 international standard.

Interestingly, it’s also part of a suite of four carbon management software tools, which also includes Task Manager, to set and manage targets and tasks for reducing carbon emissions, Document Manager, which can control and store documents associated with managing carbon accounting, and Carbon Management Training, to help train staff about carbon management, standards, etc. The different tools can be purchased separately or together. (The company has a similar suite of environmental management system – EMS - solutions to address environmental performance).


This is a crowded market and companies will have to work hard to stay in it for the long term. Much of the basic business is going to go to accounting/ERP-like software providers who will provide sufficient functionality for many organisations. But I’m increasingly convinced that there will be a large niche sector for more complex requirements, such as large, international, diverse companies, or for industry-specific solutions that better fit individual companies. (There will also be a need for the surrounding business support, which makes the Loreus suite of products sound interesting).

The market will inevitably become more sophisticated over time with more detailed requirements and that’s the part that these ‘pure-play’ software providers will be fighting for.

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