Thursday, 20 January 2011

SAP tests an electric car fleet in Germany

SAPSAP has introduced a number of electric cars into its fleet. It’s part of a ‘Future Fleet’ research project testing the use in corporate car fleets of electric vehicles powered by energy generated exclusively from renewable sources.

SAP will be the first German company to use electric vehicles, with up to 30 cars used in its fleet in and around Walldorf, Germany. In the field test, due to run from February to September, around 450 employees will get to use the electric cars in place of their usual company cars.

The project involves constructing a dedicated charging infrastructure and integrating it into existing energy grids, as well as developing and testing information and communication technology to help ensure efficient energy use. MVV Energie is working on designing, installing and operating this infrastructure, including smart charging stations capable of filling electric cars exclusively with certified green energy.


It may not sound significant, but with over 80% of SAP’s direct CO2 emissions in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region attributed to the use of company cars, a successful project could lead to a substantial reduction in emissions.

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