Wednesday, 26 January 2011

World’s first biodegradable computer mouse

Fujitsu Fujitsu has announced what it claims is the world’s first entirely plastic-free, biodegradable computer mouse. Through the use of renewable materials, the mouse is 100% recyclable.

The Fujitsu Mouse M440 ECO is made from ‘environmentally-conscious’ plastic substitutes and joins a previously released keyboard also manufactured from renewable materials.

11-01-26 Eco mouse

Fujitsu says that by using biodegradable materials from renewable sources, it promotes sustainable production and helps reduce CO2 emissions during manufacturing. It also means less plastic waste is destined for landfill at the end of the product’s life, because of the 100% biodegradable materials.

The mouse follows the ECO keyboard, available last year, which was also said to be the first made from renewable materials, with 45% of the plastic keyboard components replaced with materials from renewable sources. Fujitsu estimates that switching to renewable materials saves approximately 60,000 kilograms of plastic a year.

The Mouse M440 ECO is available in the UK for £11 excluding VAT.


Actually it doesn’t seem to be that straightforward. According to businessGreen, the 100% biodegradable claim in the press release applies only to the plastic casing. The electronic components inside can be recycled, but they’re not biodegradable.

It’s a minor point (can electronics ever be biodegradable?) but if you’re selling a product on its green aspects it’s important that claims are clear and accurate.

So, to be clear, the mouse is 100% recyclable and the casing is bio-degradable. That can’t be bad, particularly since the new materials apparently also make it more comfortable to use!

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