Thursday, 17 February 2011

BASF launches Select – an online eco-label database

BASF has launched an eco-label manager database.  Known as Select (Sustainability, Eco-Labelling & Environmental Certification Tracking) the online tool has been developed to help BASF and its stakeholders manage the plethora of eco-labels, environmental claims, product directories and green ratings systems.

The idea of the Select Eco-Label Manager is to help users navigate through the information available. Programme requirements are presented in a structured format to allow easy comparison and assessment. The tool is available to all BASF employees and preferred BASF customers and stakeholders, although others can register and get access here.

In the press release Pat Meyer, Senior Product Steward and programme leader at BASF is quoted as saying; "The demand for environmentally preferable products is rapidly evolving and influencing purchasing decisions along entire supply chains. These purchasing requirements have spawned hundreds of eco-labels and programmes from the federal government, large retailers, trade associations and third-party organisations, leading to a lot of confusion”. As a result, businesses are spending time and resources trying to understand and manage these classifications, which is where the tool comes in.

To keep the information up-to-date, BASF has made contact with many of the programme owners. Currently, the tool includes 100 programmes for review, primarily associated with North America, but is continuing to add programmes globally.


Well, on the one hand it’s a shame that we need a tool to help navigate the various programmes and labels – it can’t help their credibility. But since we do, making easily comparable details available online is the next best thing.

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